Endel × Alan Watts: Wiggly Wisdom

Get inspired with an adaptive
spoken word soundscape

Available in Endel apps on
iOS, Android, macOS & Amazon Alexa

A personalized soundscape to soothe and motivate. Infused with the playful wisdom of Alan Watts. A new way to experience the spoken word – now in the Endel app.

Alan Watts:
A voice for our time

The free-spirited thinker who advocated liberation of the mind from conventional thought. An antidote to the age of anxiety. Watts pioneered Eastern philosophy in the West, and today he continues to inspire millions to live lives full of purpose and joy.

Watch Endel CEO Oleg Stavitsky and Mark Watts from the Alan Watts Organization discuss the collaborative soundscape.

‘Tomorrow can only be handled by those who don’t take it seriously’

Alan Watts

Scientifically soothing

Feel refreshed with calming tones that flow like water, helping you feel relaxed and positive. Simple structures and pleasing melodies reduce brain fatigue.

Happiness on tap.
Fully personalized.

Words and sounds adapt in real-time to your location, weather, and natural energy flow. A fully personalized experience that’s both relaxing and motivating.

Endel app screenshot

Calming soundscape designed to complement Alan Watts’s distinctive voice


Short clips of Alan Watts taken from archive recordings, and processed by Endel AI

Endel app screenshot

Original generative visuals play endlessly together with the soundscape

‘Your soul is the whole universe. Each one of us is a different point in it. But all these points in it are the center’

Alan Watts

Take Endel with you

Endel is available on mobile devices,
desktop, wearables, and voice assistants.

Our apps are available on mobile devices, desktop, wearables, and voice assistants

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Endel Collaborations

Experience soundscapes from visionary artists and thinkers. Paired with Endel’s science-backed technology, and personalized for you. Head to the Catalog section in the Endel app to find Wiggly Wisdom, Deeper Focus by Plastikman, and AI Lullaby by Grimes, with more coming soon.


‘It is fundamental to pleasure that one learns to wiggle — and not be still and rigid’

Alan Watts

Thank you picture

Thank you to David OReilly and
Spike Jonze for the inspiration.